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Digg is a popular and well-known social news website where stories are updated every hour and users vote on the stories they like. If a particular story gets plenty of votes then it may be featured on the front page of the website.

Google indexes digg in every hour. Getting some votes on the digg can be very vital to your online success. You can see a flood of traffic and some good buyers from the site.

Manual Votes

We don't use any software to get you votes on digg stories. We spread your story to our 9k fans, around 3k followers and 1k connections. And based on the content of your story people would like it.

Different IPs

As all the digg votes you get are from real people, you will get these votes from Different IPs. You don't have to worry about getting your account suspended or banned.

Brand Visibility

Getting 100 votes at your story at digg really matters when we talk about branding of your services or product. Regular high votes at digg indicate a solid brand image.

Extra Ordinary Features- Digg Votes

  • We provide all manual votes.
  • We spread your campaign to a vast network.
  • We do all the manual work from different IPs.
  • We provide you with real human votes. No fake accounts.
  • We provide 24*7 customer support though Skype and other communication handles.
  • We deliver the job in a quick frame of time.

Rippling Advantages – Digg Votes

  • Strong Back Link - A lots of votes at the story makes the back link very strong and it gives a direct authority to your site.
  • High Traffic - Digg is a high traffic web site with 187 Alexa Rank. Millions of people come on the site from different sources. These are highly qualified leads. The more votes you have, more people are likely to click on your story and visit your web site.


    Q. Do I need to give excess to my digg account?

    A. No, We don't need your digg account access. We just expose your story and you get the votes.

    Q. Are these real votes?

    A. Yes, these are 100% real votes. Digg is a popular site with more than million users. People like your story bases on their interest.

    Q. What is the turnaround time?

    A. Turnaround time for each package in 7-10 days.

    Q. What Do U need from me to get started?

    A. We need URL of the story at digg.

    Q. How can I order?

    A. The ordering process works like this: Choose a package, Give us the required information and pay through PayPal.

    Q. How can I track my order?

    A. you can track your order at any time at these handles. Yahoo Messenger –ribbun, Skype -ribbun, AIM -ribbun, Window Live -


Trial Pack :

  • One Story
  • 25 Votes
  $45 $30

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Gold Pack :

  • One Story
  • 50 Votes
  $60 $50

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Platinum Pack :

  • One Story
  • 100 Votes
  $100 $80

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