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Highly Qualified Traffic at the cost of Few Dollars

If you are looking for quality visitors to your web site, you have just landed at the right page. With Yahoo Answers traffic you can say Good bye to expensive paid advertizing such as Google Adwords. Yahoo answer is holy place for traffic hunters.

Level Two Answers

We have lots of Level 2 Yahoo accounts. With level two accounts; we give a link back to your site in each answer.

Best Answers

We have experts people working for you for the services. These Niche experts know how to give a top class answer.

Answer Timings

We complete all the answers in peak hours of traffic at Yahoo. This ensures you a right traffic at right time.

High Potential Features- Yahoo Answers

  • We use level 2 yahoo accounts for the service.
  • We have niche experts to work for you.
  • We make sure that our answers will not be deleted in the life time.
  • We do the entire job manually without using any type of software.
  • We provide 24*7 customer support though Skype and other communication handles.
  • We deliver the job in a quick frame of time.

Extra Advantages – Yahoo Answers

  • Cost Per Click - you can save lots of money working with yahoo answers. You ideally save 80% for each click you receive from Yahoo Answers as compared to Google Adwords.
  • Interested Traffic - Yahoo Answers receives millions of visitors each day. They are real interested people who are looking for exact answers to their queries. You can squeeze all the juice of this qualified traffic directly to your site with yahoo answers.


    Q. What is Level Two Account?

    A. Yahoo gives certain points for answering the questions. And as you keep on gathering points, the level increases. And once you reach level two account at Yahoo Answers you can include a link back to your site or blog.

    Q. Do you guarantee for the best Answers?

    A. We have expert people in almost every niche to answer the question for you. We provide a well researched and detailed answer but we don't give a guarantee for the best answer.

    Q. How many days you take to complete the work?

    A. It will take around 7-10 days to complete the task.

    Q. What Do U need from me to get started?

    A. We need URL of the site and we want to know a little bit about your business niche.

    Q. How can I order?

    A. The ordering process works like this: Choose a package, Give us the required information and pay through PayPal.

    Q. How can I track my order?

    A. you can track your order at any time at these handles. Yahoo Messenger –ribbun, Skype -ribbun, AIM -ribbun, Window Live -


Trial Pack :

  • 5 Answers with Level 2 account
  $25 $15

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Gold Pack :

  • 10 Answers with Level 2 account
  $40 $25

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Platinum Pack :

  • 20 Answers with Level 2 account
  $55 $45

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