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SERP Snatcher

5 Phased Link Building Technique

We have been working hard to utilize the power of top web 2.0, article directories, social bookmarking sites and profile links. We have researched for almost a year before coming up with sure fire true Interlinking structure which worked for every site, new or old.

Phase 1- Web 2.0 Snatchers:

Web 2.0 sites are high authority sites. These sites get crawled very quickly and links from these sites gets a lot more value than normal links. We will use top Web 2.0 properties sending direct links to the Money site.

Phase 2- Article Snatchers:

We will us approved article links from top article directories. Each article will have two links in it. The first one will point to the Money site and the other one will go to Web 2.0 link.

Phase 3- Bookmarking Snatchers:

Bookmarking will be done for main site, web 2.0 sites and approved article links. High PR bookmarking not only makes the indexing process fast but also provides link juice for newly built links.

Phase 4- Profile Snatchers:

10-20 High PR profiles will be made directed towards the main site. All the profile will be pinged for fast indexing in the next phase.

Phase 5- Indexing Snatchers:

The last phase of SERP snatcher is made for faster indexing and crawling. We put each link made in phase one to phase four in linklicious. We also ping each link for rapid indexing.

Understanding – WEB 2.0 and Article Interlinking

  • We use one 300-350 words article for web 2.0 positing and get 10-20 web 2.0 links pointing towards the main money site.
  • We write high quality 450 words article and submit the various spin version of the article into 100-200 article directories. Each approved article contains two links.The first link goes to the main site and the second link goes to the web 2.0 link.

Closer Look – SERP Snatcher

  • We do all the massive work manually for you.
  • We write all the articles for you.
  • We keep on rotating web 2.0 and article sites for best results.
  • We recommend One Keyword and One URL for best results.
  • We accept keywords in all languages.
  • We provide you with complete Excel report which contains click able links.
  • You get 24*7 customer support though Skype and other communication handles.
  • Fast Turn Around Time : 7-10 Days


    Q. How many keyword you accept per order?

    A. We accept maximum 3 keywords per order. We recommend using One Keyword and One URL per order for better result.

    Q. What Kind of report do I get?

    A. You will get complete Excel report after completion. You will see different tabs for different phases. You can go and click each link working for you.

    Q. What all information you need from me?

    A. We need only Keyword and URL from you.

    Q. Do you accept porn/Gambling sites?

    A. Yes we do.

    Q. Is it Black Hat SEO?

    A. No. It's complete White hat SEO process. You can see the top ingredients right there.

    Q. How can I order?

    A. The ordering process works like this: Choose a package, Give us the required information and pay through PayPal.


Silver Snatcher

  • 10 Bookmarks(Main Site)
  • 10 High PR Profiles( Main Site)
  • 10 Web 2.0 Links ( Main Site)
  • 100 Approved Article Submission (2Anchor text)(1st - Main Site & 2nd - Web 2.0)
  • 330 Social Bookmarks(3 Bookmarks for Web 2.0 And 3 For Each live article)

$80 $70

Gold Snatcher

  • 15 Bookmarks(Main Site)
  • 15 High PR Profiles( Main Site)
  • 15 Web 2.0 Links ( Main Site)
  • 150 Approved Article Submission (2Anchor text)(1st - Main Site & 2nd - Web 2.0)
  • 495 Social Bookmarks(3 Bookmarks for Web 2.0 And 3 For Each live article)

$110 $90

Platinum Snatcher

  • 20 Bookmarks(Main Site)
  • 20 High PR Profiles( Main Site)
  • 20 Web 2.0 Links ( Main Site)
  • 200 Approved Article Submission (2Anchor text)(1st - Main Site & 2nd - Web 2.0))
  • 660 Social Bookmarks(3 Bookmarks for Web 2.0 And 3 For Each live article))

$130 $120

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