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Video Creation And Distribution

Stunning High Quality Video Creation And Distribution to Top Sites

Video marketing has become essential in the social Media arena. Youtube receives more than million visitors a day. Creating professional videos and distributing them to top video sites has become latest buzz in the market these days.

Animated Video:

We produce animated video with the help of the We make use of text and images to let the audience know your message. We keep your message according to the keyword you choose.

High PR Back Link

We include a live link to your site in the video description. It gives you very strong back links when posted on top video sharing sites.

Features- Video Creation And Distribution

  • We use minimum 6 images and good text while making the video.
  • We produce video up to 3 minutes length depending upon the subject.
  • We distribute your video to top 5 video sharing sites.
  • We have expert people working for you on video creation.
  • We do the entire job manually without using any type of software.
  • We provide 24*7 customer support though Skype and other communication handles.
  • We deliver the job in a quick frame of time.

Extra Advantages – Video Creation And Distribution

  • Flooding Traffic - Video sharing sites received a lots of targeted traffic. You tube alone can give you 100 hit per day if the video goes viral.
  • SEO - Lots of videos come in the search results. A little bit of SEO done to these videos can rank them higher in SERP and give you real traffic.

Sample – Videos

  • Sample Video-001
  • Sample Video-002
  • Sample Video-003


    Q. How do you create videos?

    A. We create videos with the combination of images and texts. We make use of while making videos.

    Q. How long my video will be?

    A. Your video can range from 30 sec to 3 minutes depending upon your requirements.

    Q. How many days you take to complete the work?

    A. It will take around 7-10 days to complete the task.

    Q. What Do U need from me to get started?

    A. We need URL of the site and related keywords.

    Q. How can I order?

    A. The ordering process works like this: Choose a package, Give us the required information and pay through PayPal.

    Q. How can I track my order?

    A. you can track your order at any time at these handles. Yahoo Messenger –ribbun, Skype -ribbun, AIM -ribbun, Window Live -


Trial Pack :

  • One Professional High Quality Video Creation
  • Distribution to top 5 sites
  $50 $39

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Gold Pack :

  • 5 Professional High Quality Video Creation
  • Distribution to top 5 sites
  $195 $175

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Platinum Pack :

  • 10 Professional High Quality Video Creation
  • Distribution to top 5 sites
  $390 $312

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